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We are delivering a sporting event targeted for all persons with a physical disability in NZ, their family and supporters.

Recognising there are different levels of disability and abilities amongst athletes and potential athletes, and providing sporting opportunities to suit.


The ambition of achieving something.

This event provides a platform for individuals to come together, reach their goals, share in their successes, and achieve their personal best, no matter their ability.  


All with a common interest, this event builds a Festival Family of Athletes, Supporters and Sponsors, who all come together to celebrate, support and care for one another.    


Athletes working together cooperatively, supporting each other in order to strive towards a common goal. 


Creating a competition in which, teammates, opponents, coaches and officials treat each other with respect and fair play. 

fun & safe

Above all we want everyone to have fun, creating a safe event environment where there is excitement and enjoyment.