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Want to go  sailing?

now's your chance!

Available for all abilities.

Saturday 27th March



In association with Sailability Tauranga, we are offering you a chance to have a go at sailing with free a introductory sessions. You will sail with an experienced skipper, so they can teach you the ropes. 


Sailability Tauranga's aim is to provide people, with a disability, the opportunity to sail safely, to experience adventure and freedom, building mobility, self confidence and pride through achievement.    

sailing sessions available 

Sailing session will be on Saturday 27th March. Sailing time depends on the number of people keen to take part. 


If you're interested in having a go, please contact Sailability Tauranga below to put your name on the sailing list for the day.  

where is it?

Tauranga Yacht Club

90 Keith Allen Dr, Tauranga

what else do i need to know?

  • You will sail with a skipper

  • You will hop into your boats and get towed into the harbour to start your sail

  • There is wheelchair access with a hoist and sling available if required

  • Life jackets are provided

  • Bring sunblock, sun hat and sun glasses

  • Bring a water bottle 

  • It's lots of fun!


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