youth programme

saturday 30 march

10am - 3pm

2019 see's the addition of a Youth Programme run by Parafed Bay of Plenty. The programme is open to any youth under the age of 21 with a physical disability, their family and supporters. 


Just turn up and join in the fun! It's free!

have a go at:

table tennis

Hosted by Table Tennis New Zealand - Available 10 am – 3 pm


Did you know you can go to the para Olympics with Table Tennis? 

Table Tennis was included in the first Paralympic Games in 1960. Athletes from all disability groups (with the exception of athletes with blindness/visual impairment) participate and compete in Table Tennis in standing and sitting (wheelchair) classes.

Men and women compete individually, in doubles, as well as in team events. A match comprises five sets of 11 points each and the winner is the player or pair winning three of the five sets.


Paralympic Classification 

Table tennis is played by athletes with a physical or intellectual disability spread over 11 classes.
1-5: Athletes competing from a wheelchair, with class 1 the most severely disabled and class 5 the least disabled
6-10: Ambulant athletes, with class 6 the most severely disabled and class 10 the least
11: Athletes with an intellectual disability


Hosted by Concept2 New Zealand - Available 10 am – 3 pm


Did you know there are world indoor rowing championships? 


The indoor rower can be modified to help meet the needs of adaptive athletes, making rowing accessible to a community of people with many varied gifts and abilities. Indoor rowing is a genuinely inclusive sport, and many races offer separate adaptive categories, including the World Indoor Rowing Championships hosted by the CRASH-B Sprints.


Hosted by Bay of Plenty Boccia - Available 10 am – 12 pm


have you got the muscle control and accuracy? 


Boccia is a test of muscle control and accuracy. The goal of the sport is to throw or bowl your ball so it lands as close as possible to the 'jack' ball (very similar to bowls). Throwing, kicking or the use of an assistive device can propel the ball onto the wooden court.
This game is played indoors on a smooth surface, players can compete individually or as part of a team.


Paralympic Classification

There are four different classes for people who play boccia:

- BC1 - athletes with severe cerebral palsy who throw or kick a ball
- BC2 - athletes with cerebral palsy who throw the ball
- BC3 - athletes with cerebral palsy who use a ramp to play as they cannot throw
- BC4 - athletes who do not have cerebral palsy, but who can throw the ball.

powerchair football

Hosted by Waikato Wasps Powerchair Football Club & Parafed Waikato - Available 10 am – 3 pm


Did you know 2 new Zealand teams travelled to Australia in 2018 to compete? 


Powerchair Football is a competitive team sport for people with physical disabilities who use power wheelchairs. The game is played in a gymnasium on a regulation basketball court, and two teams of four players use power chairs equipped with footguards to attack, defend and spin-kick a 13-inch (330 mm) football in an attempt to score goals. The official game is played for two halves of 20 minutes each, with the main objective of the game being the same as football: to score more goals than the opponent.


We will have chairs and guards and people there to set it all up for anyone who is in a powerchair to have a go. We will be doing some training drills and skills as a display. For more information contact Cat on 0273842246

snag golf

Hosted by Mike Campbell, Coachforce Officer, BOP Golf. 

SNAG stands for “Starting New at Golf”. It is a fun game that is easy to learn and can be played anywhere. SNAG contains all the elements of golf but in a modified form. SNAG is a proven learning and training system.

SNAG is well known internationally and is growing rapidly around the world.

There has never been a system dedicated to the development of new players that is both easy to teach and learn. This system integrates modified equipment with simple instructions that make the learning process fun.

Our coaching systems are designed to be scaled up as you grow.

Play indoors or outdoors, completely portable so you can take golf anywhere.

We believe that SNAG is the junior coaching programme of the future:


  • Designed to make it easy to play

  • It is so much fun

  • It is safer than real golf equipment

  • It can be played almost anywhere

  • Kids are learning without really knowing it

  • It is easy to teach, you don't have to be a golfer 

  • It is easy to learn

  • The whole family can play

  • Did I mention how much fun it is?


meet our youth ambassador

Siobhan Terry

Hiya, my name is Siobhan Terry and I'm a competitive para swimmer.

I was born in Rotorua in 2000, moved to Australia in 2002, returning back to Rotorua 2014 for school and family.

I was born with a clubfoot which, has meant that I have had to learn some things differently to others....


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